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Frequently Asked Questions

General TestPokerStars Questions

Q. What is TestPokerStars?

A. TestPokerStars is a separate game program which PokerStars uses to test out new features.  It includes only play money games, with a separate chip balance. Many of our players help us test out our new features by playing on TestPokerStars.  You are welcome to help us test, too, as long as you have a PokerStars account in good standing.

If you want to give it a try, please visit the TestPokerStars site and download the software.  Before you use the TestPokerStars program, be sure to read the Terms & Conditions and all of the other rules. You must use your same UserID on the TestPokerStars site, but you will need a different password; please follow the instructions in the TestPokerStars Setting up an account page to get one.

Please remember that this is a test program, so you should expect there to be occasional problems, and it will sometimes not be available at all.  If you have any feedback on the new features (especially bug reports) please email

Q. Why should I play at TestPokerStars?

A. TestPokerStars is ideal for players who enjoy testing out new features and providing feedback for improvements. Please note that you can play on the main and test sites simultaneously!

Q. That’s great! How do I start playing at the TestPokerStars site?

A. First, you need to already have an account on the main PokerStars site. If you do not have such an account, you can open one by downloading our main site software from here. Once you have an account, visit the TestPokerStars Setting up an account page and follow the instructions there. If you run into problems, please come back to the FAQ. Happy playing and testing!

Q. Are there special Terms of Service for using TestPokerStars?

A. You can read the Terms & Conditions at this page.

Q. Can I transfer play money chips to the main site?

A. PokerStars no longer offers the transfer of play money chips between players or to the main site.


Q. I downloaded the TestPokerStars client, but cannot create an account.

A. The TestPokerStars client is to be used only after you already have an account on the main site. It is not possible to create an account directly through TestPokerStars. To play on TestPokerStars you use the same User ID as on the main site, but with a different password. If you do not have an account at PokerStars at all, then go to the main site download page and follow the instructions to create one. Then, refer to the TestPokerStars Setting up an account page and follow the instructions there in order to access the TestPokerStars site for the first time with your main account.

Q. Every time I try to log in I get the error for incorrect password.

A. Have you reset your password for the TestPokerStars site as described on the Setting up an account page? If not, then please do so, as you cannot access the TestPokerStars site without first resetting your password. If you have already done this and have forgotten your password, please use the ‘Forgot Password’ feature to reset your password once again. You only need to type in your registered email address and User ID in the ‘Forgot Password’ window.

Q. I reset my password, but never receive the email with the temporary password!

A. Please make sure that your email spam filters have not blocked the automated email from “”. For information on how to configure many popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) spam filters to permit our automated emails, please visit Please replace each reference in the specific instructions on that web page about emails from “” to emails from “” addresses. Also, check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folders to make sure the automated email has not been automatically redirected there.

Q. I followed your instructions to reset the password, but I still get the incorrect password error when I type in my temporary password!

A. If you are having difficulty using the temporary password you received, please remember PokerStars passwords are case-sensitive, which means they need to be entered EXACTLY as shown in your password reset email (including any "tmp" part).  A good way to do this is to copy and paste the password into the 'Password:' box instead of typing it.

Q. When trying to log in I get an ‘Internal Error’ message. What should I do?

A. The TestPokerStars site may not always be operational on a 24/7 basis. If the site appears to be offline, please try logging in again a few hours later.
If the problem persists for more than a day, then you can email with a full description of the problem, the exact error message that you are receiving, and your attached TestPokerStars log files. Please refer to this page for details on how to find the required log files. Make sure to substitute each reference to ‘PokerStars’ in the instructions with ‘PokerStars.TEST’. Please remember that you should still be able to play at our PokerStars.COM or PokerStars.NET sites until the problem is resolved.

Chat at TestPokerStars

Q. What are the chat rules at TestPokerStars?

A. All chat rules at TestPokerStars are the same as for the main PokerStars sites. Please refer to this page for details.

Q. I lost my chat unfairly!

A. The same chat moderator scheme that operates on the main site also operates on the TestPokerStars web site. As support for the TestPokerStars site is limited we will not be able to dispute your lost chat privileges. Once your chat suspension expires, you will automatically regain your chat. The best way to have your chat on all the time is to refrain from any abuse of the chat feature.


Q. How do I contact the support for the TestPokerStars site?

A. You can email Please keep in mind that support for the TestPokerStars site is very limited and unfortunately not all queries can be replied to. We very much welcome bug reports and any feedback on the newly tested features. Thanks for helping us test our latest additions to PokerStars!

Q. I emailed but received no response!

A. TestPokerStars is a testing environment and as such does not maintain the same high level of support that the main sites provide. Please accept our apologies if your email was not responded to. We highly appreciate your interest in the TestPokerStars site and your help in testing our latest features. For queries not specific to TestPokerStars, feel free to email our main support at Remember, they may not be able to address any TestPokerStars-specific enquiries.